Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.


We are all told that those with willpower will be successful. If you have willpower then you are able to restrain yourself. What happens, though, when you restrain yourself over and over again? Does this motivate you even more? Does it make you cave in later? For many of us, the latter is true. If you are motivated by restraining then congrats. If not, keep reading….

Willpower is not on my “to do” list. Life is a journey with ups and downs. I can’t expect the same response, reaction or willpower everyday or every week or even every year. I like to say that I have perseverance or drive. Perseverance (drive) allows for mistakes. You can have perseverance to stay in shape or lead a healthy lifestyle. You are willing to persevere through barriers, obstacles or failures. This doesn’t mean you “failed” your healthy lifestyle like losing willpower.

Look at yourself as someone with “drive” or “perseverance” instead of someone with “willpower”.