Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

What Your Personal Trainer Isn’t Telling You!

We all like to set goal. Typically we want to lose 50 lbs, remove the fat from certain body parts and/or look like a certain fitness model. The goals you may be giving your trainer may not be attainable in the time frame you would like or may not be attainable without extreme measures.

Remember, only YOU can make the changes needed to attain those goals. Your trainer is not with you 24 hours per day. YOU are responsible for YOUR health. So, have an honest conversation with your trainer about your goals.


Possible Goal: Losing 50 lbs like the people I see on TV in a short amount of time.

In reality, our lives are hectic between work, family and friends- we have so many obligations. If you are considered Obese or Extremely Obese on the BMI Chart then you could lose 5-8 lbs per week for a few weeks. Basically, you are getting rid of extra water weight, toxins etc. from  your old healthy lifestyle. This is rare to be able to lose this amount per week. Typically 1-2 lbs. is the average.


Possible Goal:  I want to lose the extra fat around my abdominals or around my gluts (butt)

Spot Reduction just cannot happen without a more well rounded workout routine. Meaning- you can lose that extra layer of subcutaneous fat (outside layer of fat) if you add the right cardio. Cardiovascular Exercise (anaerobic and aerobic) can aid in getting rid of that layer of fat. Adding strength training to increase the lean muscle will help with the look of that specific body part. It is much better to look at your overall body strength and overall cardiovascular capacity. The areas that are bothering you will look better over time.


Possible Goal: I want to look like “fitness model”. 

You will also want to look at pictures from your family along with that picture of the “fitness model”. Genetics plays a 40% role in our lives. Meaning- the chances of you developing health problems and even how you look depends on your family genes. This means that for some, it may take a little longer to look a certain way (with their own unique family features) and may take others a little less time (with their own family features). The best thing you can do is workout for your body, your energy and your confidence. We are all made as unique and special so why would we want to look identical to someone else?


To wrap this up, you are the MASTER in your own healthy lifestyle. You can determine the outcome with MOTIVATION and a PLAN Good Luck!