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Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

Top Eight Exercises For Weight Loss

Top Eight Exercises for Weight Loss:

1. Barbell Squat- Using a bar behind your shoulders. This exercise is a compounding exercise (quads, hamstrings, core and calves). Compounding exercises work more than 1-2 muscle groups at the same time. You can squat at 90 degrees or even 45 degrees.

2. Push-ups-This exercise works your chest, shoulder, triceps, upper back and core (compounding). Push-ups can be done at varying levels. Push-ups are a form of super setting-working your chest and upper back.

3. Deadlift – This exercise focuses on your back and hamstrings but incorporates your core. Dead lift will strengthen your abdominal and will tone your legs.

4. Plank Rows- Straight arm plank rowing will engage your abs throughout the entire exercise. You will be super setting during the exercises. Super setting will work your opposing muscle groups. This will help you tone and strengthen.

5. Kettle bell Swing-This exercise will test your core by allowing the bell to swing away from the body. You can elevate your heart rate while completing this exercise.

6. Incline Chest Press-Use a. Incline bench; Stability Ball or Bosu Ball. Lean back slightly to engage the core. Creating s super set feel using your chest and upper back.

7. Bicycle- Taking your shoulder to opposite knee and repeating will not only create a slight cardio increase while strengthening your obliques.

8. Pilates Rocker- Legs and upper body are elevated. Rock down to tailbone and up to shoulder blades engaging the abs.

* Note: all exercises involve your core and may get your heart rate elevated. Complete three sets of the above. Increase your weight
When your second set becomes easy.IMG_0028