Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

Motivational Quiz

Motivational Quiz For March:

1. What animal would you rather have as a pet?

D. pig

2. What would you enjoy cooking at home?

A.hamburgers/hotdogs on grill
B.spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad
C. garlic chicken with mixed vegetables and soup/salad
D. lobster bisque with mixed vegetables, biscuits and appetizer

3. Who would you enjoy going on vacation with?

B.just my spouse
C.just my family
D.family and friends

4. If you had to complete a project would you rather…

A.do it alone and feel proud that it was all me
B.do it all but ask for advise from family and friends along the way
C.do it with 1-2 people who really know what they are doing
D.do it with 1-2 people who really know what they are doing but also a few people who don’t. They bring an added touch to the project

5. It’s the weekend and finally you can do your own thing. Would you rather…

A.complete some must do errands and read a few books/watch a few movies
B.complete a few errands; read a little and go to the movies with friends/family
C.find a few local activities to try with friends but also enjoy time with those most important to me
D.I’m up for anything. Bring it on…the more fun the better…

MORE As: You are self motivated when you have goals. If you have goals, you feel more at ease and feel more successful. Make a few goals for your health for March. Take a few minutes to write down your steps to achieve these goals and you will succeed.

MORE Bs: You are motivated as long as you have 1 partner or confidant to hold you accountable. You set your own goals but having that person to talk to about it really helps. Make your healthy goals for March and share them with someone who will ask you about them occasionally. Check in with them at least one time per week.

MORE Cs: You need to talk to a few friends or family members for advise on how to achieve your big life goals. Those that are the closest to you need to have a role in your life/projects. You don’t need a group everywhere you go but you need to know that group will help you in the big areas of your life. Make your healthy goals for March with your family/friends. Make sure everyone knows what you need from them. Maybe give each of them a copy of your goals. Make sure you check in with them a few days per week.

MORE Ds: You not only need your family/friends to help you determine your big goals and how to achieve them. You also excel in groups throughout your day. If you volunteer at school, you are probably a part of PTA. When you do your errands, you enjoy the company of friends. You prefer being around people than being alone. Make your healthy goals with EVERYONE. Your family and friends should have a role and be your support but make sure you join a gym that has group classes; workout with more than 1-2 friends to avoid working out alone. Join a challenge online or at your gym or work.