Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

How close are you to achieving your goals?

How Close Are You To Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

1. How do you feel when you wake-up in the morning?

A. I’m tired and hit my snooze button 2-4 times and at times feel overwhelmed to get the day started.
B. I feel tired but once I have my coffee and a shower I am ready for the day. Without my coffee,I don’t think I could get all my tasks done.
C. I wake up feeling well rested. I may be a little anxious but I know that I will try my best throughout the day.

2. It is 2:00 in the afternoon. How are you feeling?

A. I’m feeling tired and weak. I struggle to focus and definitely need caffeine; sugar or even a 20 minute nap.

B I feel a little tired but a 20 minute nap or walk definitely helps me focus and complete all my tasks.

C. I have no issues with fatigue; hunger or focus. I feel like my snacks are healthy and help sustain me.

3. How do you feel about exercise?

A. I hate it. I know I need to do it but I always find an excuse. I am just too busy.
B. It’s not my favorite time of the day but I try to exercise 20-30 minutes a few days per week because “they” say it is good for me.
C. I look at my exercise time as a time to get away. A time to relieve anxiety. It makes me feel like I am giving back to myself.

4. How do you feel about “diets”?

A. I have a love/hate relationship wth diets. I have tried many but only stick with them for 2 days max.
B. I have tried many diets in the past. I struggle daily with temptations but I feel I have an overall decent nutritious program.
C. I wake up and start my day with healthy choices. This helps me continue my day with overall healthy choices. I understand that food is fuel for my body. Good fuel means good results.

5. How are you at balancing nutrition and exercise?
A. I tend to reward myself with food when I have a hard workout Or I tend to workout harder when I eat poorly.
B. I tend to focus on exercise more than nutrition or vice verse. I understand the need for balance but struggle most days.
C. I try to balance both everyday. I attempt and succeed most of the time to fuel my body in a healthy way. This helps me make my exercise program productive.

More As: Pre-Contemplation: this means I know I need to lead a healthy lifestyle but I struggle to create the steps needed to get there. I know what foods are healthy and/or that exercise will ultimately help me but the steps to get there feels overwhelming. Seeking out friends or family is needed in this step to help you create goals.

More Bs: Contemplation to Preparation: this means I know what a healthy lifestyle is and I’m taking some steps to get there. I may have written down my goals. I may have signed up for some exercise classes. This is a step where you can act and see yourself in the next phase or not act and return to the pre-contemplation step. Family and friends play a significant role here for encouragement.

More Cs: Active Step : this means you may be excited about following through with your goals and plan. You have a feeling of accomplishment. You may be feeling energized. You may have lost a pound or two and you want to tell your friends and family. This step is important as well. You need an accountability partner. If your friends and family are not quite at your step yet then find someone who is there to keep encouraging you. You are a long way to your maintenance step but you are well on your way!!!

No matter what step you are at-there is a way to get to the next step. The best way to succeed is to set goals; have a plan and accountability partners.IMG_0037