Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

Functional Training At Home ( functional training= cables at the gym but functional training at home= leg and wrist weights)

I know it’s a long title but it’s necessary! Functional training is necessary for everyone! We may find it a little more challenging to create a functional training program at home. This is where ankle, thigh and wrist weights are key. One thing to remember is to think about the body part you are working and attach the weight to the closest joint. You don’t want to work your hamstrings and quads with ankle weights if you have thigh weights. Placing these weights on your ankles,thighs and wrists allow you to move more freely than holding dumbbells and bars. I recommend that you workout with free weights for 6-8 weeks before you try any of these functional training programs. A strong joint is necessary.See below for some suggested workout programs: Ankle weights

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Cardio Mix (30 sec to 1 min)
Squats with a Knee Lift (10 reps) Squat with a Knee Lift and Forward Lunge Combo (10 reps)Squat Jumps(10 reps) with Lunges and knee Lifts (10 reps)High Knee Stationary Run
Push-ups Knees (10 reps) and then 10 front raises on knees (10 reps) Push-ups (10 reps) with 10 Front Raises (10 reps) and then Plank with Alternating Arm Lifts (10 reps) Push-ups with Arm Lifts Combo (10 reps) Walking side plank
Lawnmowers (10 reps) Lawnmowers (10 reps) with Whole Body Lowers (hands to floor and then All the way to ceiling-one motion) Lawnmowers with Whole Body Lowers and 5 squat Thrusts (no jumping) Basketball jumps and 5 shoulder presses combo
Glut lifts (lying on back legs toward ceiling and elevate gluts up and down) 10 reps Glut Lifts (10 reps) with a Roll Up to Standing Position Glut Lifts (10 reps) with a Roll Up to Standing Position and Jumping Jack Lateral Arm Hold Twists (arms stay out while you are twisting your body side to side (45 degrees to each side)
Squats- leg weight
Push-Ups- wrist weights
Lawnmowers-wrist weights
Glut Lifts- leg weights