Michele Cannell

Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

Fitness Assessments: How Important are they?

What steps does it take to get a physical yearly? The preparation for our yearly physical typically takes place in three simple steps:

  1. Making that initial call to your doctor
  2. Scheduling the appointment with the receptionist
  3. Drive to your doctor’s office

The above two steps take 10-30 minutes to complete. Is your wellness only worth the 10-30 minutes of prep time before your physical? I am sure if you ask your friends and family they would say you and your health are worth many more minutes. If they believe you are worth it then it is time to prepare a little more for your appointment.

If you know what your hip/waist ratio is, your body fat and your heart rate is then you will be able to have a “healthy conversation” with your doctor. Refer to each of these assessments separately under Fitness.