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Fitness professional certified in Personal Training, Wellness, CPR/AED, Cycling, Pilates, YogaFit, Tai Chi, and living with Celiac Disease.

Can you Benefit From 10 minutes of Exercise Per Day?

Can you Benefit from 10 minutes a day of Exercise?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple yes or no. Think about taking that 10 minutes and breaking it up into four sections of 2 1/2 minutes each.

☑️The first 2 1/2 minutes is your warmup and the beginning of your aerobic zone. Spend 1 1/2 minutes simply walking or a light impact cardio warmup. Spend the next minute getting your heart rate up. Take 220-age and multiply it by 50%. Your answer leads you into your second 2 1/2 minutes.

☑️The second 2 1/2 minutes (including your previous 1 minute) is keeping your heart rate at 50%.

☑️Your third 2 1/2 minutes is all Strength Training. Complete 1 set of 10 push-ups; 1 set of 15 crunches; 1 set of 10 squats; forearm Plank hold for 10-20 seconds.

☑️Your last 2 1/2 minutes is all stretches. Stretch your legs; back; core and shoulders.

You did it!!! Now your asking What did I do?

You increased your blood flow which helps aid in a decrease of arthritic conditions; decrease in plaque in the arteries and a stronger heart. Your bones will be stronger which will prevent osteoporosis; your joints will be stronger as well as your muscles through stretching and strength training. Your making yourself “happy” by releasing endorphins and this is just the beginning!

10 minutes is only 600 seconds. Over a four week time frame, you would have exercised for 280 minutes or 4.6 hours. Start out simple and see results; get motivated and reach your goals.Exercise For You!